The Racket #28 : HUNGER


Our draw towards HUNGER is towards the insatiable kind. The sort of gaping hole in our stomachs or brains or souls that demands to be filled with whatever substance will glue us back together again. We are a celebration of writing and we understand that lack in all its many forms so often becomes the invisible foundation for the pursuit of creativity. So, yes HUNGER, you pointy-toothed maw snapping at us from the dark, this month our readers celebrate you.

Also, free beer. Perhaps smiles.

The Readers (so far):

Patrick Strange
Maggie Tokuda-Hall
Paul Corman-Roberts
Jenee Darden
Jared Roehrig
John Haggerty

More information to come.

The Racket #27 : SHAPE

The Racket #27 : SHAPE