The Racket #31 : FRENZY

We don't exactly have a reason for selecting FRENZY as our 31st theme. Maybe we were feeling weighed down by the folding ribbons of mundane responsibility life will sometimes pour down atop you. And maybe the thought of a whirling dervish of chaos - red and orange and sputtering smoky sparks - just ripping us out of this impromptu chaos, well maybe that just sounded nice.

Also, can anyone think of the term frenzy without somewhere in their mind picturing a cartoon animal in a backwards hat spinning itself through a grocery store? Us neither.

Come on down, chaos reigns, drink a free beer or two.

The Readers (as of now):

Vernon Keeve, Joe Wadlington, Mk Chavez, Roxanne Llamas-Villaluz and Aatif Rashad.

The Racket #30: GREED

The Racket #30: GREED